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Well overdue update

Posted on 2010.07.10 at 10:09
This journal has fallen way down on my list of priorities. The people are still important, but it's hard to justify time for this. The girls generally don't allow me this much time with my laptop, either.

So, on to the updates. This will sound fairly Pollyanna-ish. Life is good. Really, it's great!

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Posted on 2009.12.16 at 21:47
I've decided I hate the word "blessed." I understand what people mean when they tell me I'm blessed, but I find it frustrating to imply that I'm somehow favored by God when others aren't. I smile and reply that I am indeed very fortunate.


Grad Classes Finished!

Posted on 2009.12.14 at 16:38
WOOOT! I am done!!


And because I'm in a super-posty mood...

Posted on 2009.12.06 at 22:01
I got a lot done today. I have a ton to do. This is a quick way to remind myself of how much did get done in the face of the GINORMOUS to-do list:Read more...Collapse )


It seemed like fun...

Posted on 2009.12.06 at 21:32
Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

NAME: Writerswife

AGE: 30

LOCATION: Tiny-town, OH
OCCUPATION: High school teacher...that's why I won't post my name though many of you know me.

PARTNER: WriterDude. We've been together ten years. We started dating in January 1999 and got married around four years later.

KIDS: The Muses...our twins, Calliope and Thalia (just shy of 8mos.)

BROTHERS/SISTERS: Three older brothers who are all married with children. Bro 1 is 40, Bro 2 is 39, Bro 3 is 35. They are my guys and I wouldn't be who I am now without all the merciless teasing and torment of my childhood (nothing outside the brotherly norm). Their wives are awesome and their children are so great.

PARENTS: Mom passed away of ovarian cancer almost three years ago. Dad continues to teach and to live in the city during the week and at the house where he grew up on the weekends. It's winter and he'll be staying in the city more. It sounds luxurious, but it's not.

PETS: 2 dogs: Fenrir (lab mix) and Ginger (collie). Two cats: Jimi (Maine Coon) and Hendrix (anybody's guess). I've recently moved the cat dish outside and I expect Hendrix will ditch us sometime next summer. Right now he wants the heat. I love the doofus, but he just won't stay off the counters despite lots of attempts to teach him otherwise.


1. Babies are growing so, so fast.
2. Grad work is done.
3. Christmas Basket project is in full swing at work.
4. I can start to lose or firm up the twin tummy I was left with.
5. The girls sleep long stretches at a time, if not all night. Speaking of that, I'm cleaning up the kitchen and going to bed. Work tomorrow. BLeh.



Posted on 2009.12.06 at 21:07
It's been nearly forever since I posted here. So much is going on that it's hard to find the time. We are finally all healthy (shh...don't let the Universe know or somebody will get sick again). I turned in my last grad paper this week and I'm hoping that I get at least a 50% on it so that I pass the course with a B. I'm sure I did fine, but I still worry.

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Baby pics are up on my flikr stream (username = writerswife). I'm too lazy to add a link. I hope to find some time to read and post here again. I used to do that while I ate breakfast before work. Now, I'm feeding babies and rushing around to get out the door. Speaking of that, I rearranged the furniture and just realized that I have to go set up the "staging" area for getting out the door. Even iwth the carseats, coats, blankets, and diaper bags ready to go, it's still a feat to get out on time. I'm still loving this mom thing and I feel like I'm rocking it at this stage. We'll see what the future brings.


Running on autopilot

Posted on 2009.11.09 at 19:36
That's pretty much life lately. The plague still hasn't cleared out completely. The girls are on the mend and we're finally better. Teething is starting for them and they are so funny as they chew on everything in sight.

School is going and we have conferences this week. That means I won't see the girls after Wednesday morning. ON the upside, I have Friday off to spend with them. I'm going to watch a friend's kids so she can study for a major test. That should be great. They are some neat kids! I think the older girl and I will bake something and the boy can doodle with videogames. Or...we can all doodle with videogames because they're fun! THe little boy adores the babies, too. He'll be fascinated with them.

Time to go figure out dinner...or go to bed. Either one is good. Maybe grab some bread and go to sleep. Sleep is soooo valuable.


Dudes, I'm not dead

Posted on 2009.10.10 at 13:34
I've got a nasty cold or flu or something, and I'm crazy busy. I just don't make time to post here any more. It'll come back sometime, but for now it's not feasible.

WD is taking care of the girls most of the time right now because I'm out for the count. Overall, life is still amazing. It's just very hectic.

I hope you are all well and that things are going ok. Time to sleep again.


WriterDude is away

Posted on 2009.09.19 at 08:08
...and it's made life here quite hectic. This time of year always is hectic since the students I work with organize the Homecoming Court and dance. This year it's just been more to think about. Thankfully, I have most of the school events down.

It's important to me that WD have time for writing and writing workshops, but it's going to be very interesting figuring out how to work things without him. The other thing I find is that I'm not very sympathetic when he talks about how busy he is or if he's tired. That's a fault on my part. OTOH, it would be courteous to not tell me. When you are only taking care of yourself, I can't find a whole lot of sympathy. Especially on the days when I've been busy nonstop from 5:30am-10:30pm.

The girls are just amazing. They are doing more and more each week. They're 23 weeks and still haven't rolled over. That worries me a bit, but not too much. They're trying to do it. Thalia puts her arms and legs in the air and tips from side to side. Calli prefers to rock back and forth by pushing with her feet and arching her back. She's so close to rolling, but she just doesn't get that last push in. They smile and laugh a lot now and that just makes my day. Overall, they're happy and easygoing. That makes our lives so much easier. I can't imagine dealing with colic or reflux with two babies.

I feel like I'm doing what I should be doing with my life. Motherhood makes me feel complete even if it does wear me out.

To sum it all up: tired but happy, so very, very happy.



Posted on 2009.09.05 at 17:50
I LOVE it!! It's hard. It's all the time. It's gross. It's just AWESOME! The girls are starting to laugh more and they smile so much. We're fortunate to have very happy babies. Taking them to the sitter is not so bad. For the first few days it was a brilliant break. I could get work done and run errands without hauling the stroller around. Now, I miss them so much during the day. They love the sitter. She has a zillion kids at her house, but she manages everything so well. She's been doing this for fourteen years and her own children are wonderful. A lot of the kids are only there before/after school. The babies and 1-4 year olds are there longer. The girls love it. The bigger kids entertain them and give them toys/pacifiers as needed. I know the sitter knows what she's doing and that gives me the peace to leave them each day.

Today has been joyously slow and relaxed. The girls slept great last night. WD and I watched a series of The IT Crowd and are now working our way through LOST (season one). I really wish I'd jumped on the LOST wagon earlier. The girls and I caught a loooong nap earlier and I feel awesome. Giving up my daily nap has been the hardest thing. I should get moving on the laundry and such, but there are two more days to this weekend. I've just now gotten cleaned up for the day and it has been delightful!

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